So long, farewell! Pre-mission (Week 0)

Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to express my excitement for this great opportunity and explain a little more about what I will be doing to those that may not know!
As a missionary I will focus everyday and all day to share the message of Jesus Christ to everyone I meet. The first three weeks of my mission I will be in the Missionary Training Center where all missionaries receive equal training on what to teach! The Ventura, California Mission already has missionaries serving there that range in missionary experience from new like me to almost done!
Missionaries don’t get paid to serve, don’t have a job, and don’t attend any school in the two years. Every missionary does this in a volunteer mindset and know that this experience is a unique one and they don’t want to waste anytime! We are extremely happy and willing to be in our assigned area! If you ever seen men or women with the little black name tags feel free to say hi to them or talk to them (I promise they wont bite!).
Tomorrow morning I leave leave for two years to serve along side the current 74,000 missionaries serving around the world. Every missionary teaches the same message of the love that Jesus Christ has for each of us on a personal level. They are to invite others to come unto Christ and follow Him.
Often people ask how Jesus Christ can know us and why we should follow Him? To answer that, Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to this Earth. One of His purposes was to through the ‘Atonement’ which paid the price of sin of mankind that keeps humans from returning to God in Heaven. The Atonement started with His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26: 36-46) and concluded upon His death on the cross (Matthew 27: 27-56).
We believe that He was able to feel every individual’s sin, pain, or sorrow that each of us will go through in a lifetime. Christ death was not the end because he was raised from the dead three days after his death (Matthew 28:1-8). His resurrection broke the bands of death that opened the way for us to be resurrected at Christ’s Second Coming. By following the commandments given from God we find peace and purpose in our everyday life. Through living these commandments can we feel the love of Christ and of God! Through living the commandments we can come to know that Christ sacrifice for us is real and we strive to live our life as Christ would.
The definition of the word atone is to suffer the penalty for sin, thereby removing the effects of the sin from repentant sinner and allow him or her to be reconciled to God. For a full detailed explanation about this significant event (because a full explanation email would be too long!) can be found at
I know that Christ loves you, me and everyone sooooooo much! He is waiting for you to realize His role in your life and bring you so much happiness and joy!
Again, I am so excited for this opportunity that lays ahead of me! I can’t wait to share all my amazing experiences and pictures with y’all. I’m really excited to show how bad of a shirt tan line I am about to get… I’m also ecstatic to get away from the humidity, heat and bugs that plague the great state of Oklahoma. Feel free to email me about any questions or just to talk!
See y’all in two!!

Elder Austin Morgan

Ventura, California July 2016-2018

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