“Here Am I, Send Me.”

Hello everyone!
This week has been amazing in so many ways!
I want to talk about a scripture that someone very special to me told me to read. It is Isiah 6:8 and talks about “Here am I, send me.” As a missionary for a little over a month now, I am starting to realize the right attitude that all followers of Christ need to have. We are to accept the call wherever it might be and be completely willing to be like Christ in all things! There is a wonderfully simple concept of lifting where you stand. It takes hard work, sacrifice and dedication. In the end, we won’t remember all that we gave up because God will have given us so much more for our sacrifice.
We came across a man this week, Mannuel, who felt inspired to talk to us while walking outside of a local store. He shared several experiences about his life that he had questions about in terms of why God gave him those trials. We talked about how God gives us trials out of love so that we can become stronger and grow our faith in him. The man began to cry and said how that was the answer he has been searching after for years.
I know this is the true gospel of Christ and when we accept His call for us to share that gospel, He can bring happiness to many who are waiting. When we are willing to out His will above our own, He can strengthen us as we help those around us. I love this concept with every fiber of my being and am so thankful so the chance to be a missionary.
Enjoy the rest of your summer and day! Take a look at a few pictures I took this week.

Elder Austin Morgan

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