Workers in the Lord’s Vineyard (Week 6)

Hello yall!
This week has flown by and I didn’t even realize that last week was my first month done as a missionary! It has been a great week, I went on two exchanges which just means the different areas of work than normal. I went to Agoura Hills and Canejo Canyon! Great little areas and learned a lot about finding joy in the work each hour!
The pictures added to this email are just some really cool views we had throughout the week of California! It is such a beautiful and diverse area! One of the pictures is of me and the FIRST REAL GREEN YARD I HAVE SEEN since being here. There is a huge drought so everything is brown and dead except for this yard.
Some really cool experiences this week include giving someone a Spanish Book of Mormon and gaining two new investigators! Gaining investigators in this area is really hard but through hard work and faith we are seeing fruits of our labors!
We were walking in an area where not too many people speak great English. I personally don’t speak a lick of Spanish except for “taco”. I recently memorized how to say “We are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” in Spanish. We came across someone who didn’t know any English so I said this phrase and felt impressed to just give them the book and they took it and looked sooooooo happy! I have no idea what they said after but hopefully it was good. Shows just one example of how God is watching out for us and when we are willing to do His work He will help us!
I am so honored to be a missionary doing the Lord’s work in this area. 1 Corinthians 13 talks about how charity is pure love of Christ. Follow Him, act and do service out of love. The action of sincerity is the key to real happiness.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Austin Morgan






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