Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Fails to Work Hard(Week 7)

Hello from California!
Wow this week has been nothing sort of hard work and striving to do our best with what we have in the area. After some hard days (not bad days) we have found joy and success in bringing someone to be prepared for baptism!!!
After having an amazing Filipino dinner we had a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can positively change her life. Her daughter has recently been baptized and it sparked her interest in the Church because she has seen the joy and pure happiness she has. After the lesson we invited the mom to be baptized and she said yes! She committed to a date in September and is working really hard to soak up all the information and prepare herself. It was an overwhelming spiritual lesson and everyone in the room was crying. I know how great of joy there is in bringing people to the influence of the Spirit and God’s love.
Another amazing miracle happened with a man named Daniel. Elder Hales and I were walking on the street after a long day of contacting and having people yell at us. It was a hard day not going to lie, but we kept going with the faith we would find someone who would be interested in growing their relationship with Christ.
We felt inspired to ask the next person we saw, “What is the nature of God?” The next person was Daniel. He started into how God is loving despite going through hard trials in life. He recently was evited from his apartment in Santa Barbara because his landlord was just a mean guy. Daniel had to quit his job  because he had to sell his car to afford food money. There were some contracting opportunities that arose for work here in Westlake Village  but there were 2 people in front of him for the job. Both happened to fall through and he got the job along with the permission to stay in the house he is working on. Daniel works hard on this job and is hoping that the hard work will allow him to have more opportunities of work and to turn his life around.
Despite all of these hard things, his faith in God has never decreased. Rather it has strengthened. He is investigating the Church now and is soaking up everything that we say to Him about God’s plan for us on earth. He is ready to make commitments to God that will allow blessings to rain down from heaven.
I bear my testimony that opposition in all things is required for us here on Earth. With that opposition we are able to grow stronger in faith and love for God. Bad things will continue to happen even if we are good Christian people, but what helps get through the hard times is our relationship with a loving Heavenly Father. When we trust Him with all our mind and heart He will take care of us and guide us to better days.
Elder Austin Morgan



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