Last week in the first transfer! (Week 7)

Hello everyone!
Another week down and all I can say is wow. Time is just flying by as a missionary! This week is the last week in my first area, on Thursday we get calls to either be assigned another area of work or we get to stay in our current area! I am hoping that I get to stay because the progress we have seen in the past weeks is amazing. God has really taken care of us and provided many opportunities to teach and commit people to baptism! I would love to see those people get baptized and watch their conversion continue!
We went on a huge hike with our zone (12 missionaries) up in Canejo Canyon! It was a very different area to hike in because there was no shade from trees and there weren’t really any trails. We found an old tractor that Elder Hales was really excited for because he’s a farmer back in Utah. That makes him my second hillbilly companion from Utah… It was really fun though because we got to see these really old cave drawings! Whether they are real or not I have no idea… but it was still a really fun experience!
This week has allowed me to do a lot of reflecting and praying. Prayer is so powerful and is our link to God.  As we commit ourselves to constant prayer and having real intent as we do so, we can feel God’s love and presence so much more. It shows our faith and trust in God and allows Him to more fully bless us!
Never be afraid to pray. I don’t think I have ever prayed so much in my life, but as I do so I have noticed my life become more dedicated to God and Christ. As missionaries we can feel the prayers of all the members around the world for our success. It is an amazing experience to be a missionary and invite those to feel their life improve by coming closer to God!
Till next week,
Elder Austin Morgan









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