Nikki Sixx, Boxing, and Baptisms

Hello from California!
It has been a crazy busy and entertaining week in the Westlake Village area!
We ate dinner at Nikki Sixx house, he was one of the founders of the band Motley Crue! Sadly he wasn’t there… But we got to see a lot of his personal music collection, recording booth, and we played with his 2 golden retrievers.
We ran into some crazy people this week at a garage sale they were having. They gave us free masks and wanted to take a bunch of pictures with “Mormon Missionaries” to send to all their friends.  They were really nice people and Elder Judd bought a golf club set for $10 just so he could talk to someone about the gospel!
We have 3 baptismal dates set with investigators! They are October 15th and 22nd! They’re progressing so well and taking on all the commitments that will help them feel closer to God and Christ. Please keep them in your prayers and seek their continued growth. Its a really humbling experience to see people desirous to make changes to their life as we ask them. We have such an important responsibility as missionaries to invite change people’s lives so that they can feel the presence of the Holy Ghost and be truly converted.
My testimony of this work is growing so much. I love being a missionary and often find myself saying a prayer mid-walk just thanking God for this opportunity. It is hard at many times but I know that the experiences I face will help me rely more and more on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Through Him we can have all the successes and blesses that God has in reserve for us!
Another short email because so much to say and not a lot of time to say it!
Till next week!,
Elder Morgan

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