As You Labor

Hello from California!
This week someone of great influence sent me an article called “The Laborer.” It reminded me of the statement in my call packet that said, “…more pure happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children.” What an amazing blessing that statement has become.
Labor is hard work. It sounds like a hard thing no matter how to put it, but it is the qualifier for the happiness of a missionary. As a missionary I strive to work out of love because when I focus on love rather than duty, the work seems lighter. As I work I feel myself being stretched and molded in a way like never before. It is in a way that only God can do. He is refining me to become to best follower of Him and Christ I can be.
“There is no better way to manifest love for God than an unselfish love for your fellow man. This is the Spirit of missionary work.”
Thus far as a missionary I have walked, drove, ran, searched, sweat, ran, prayed, and hoped for the opportunity each week to change someone’s life for the better. God has answered those prayers each week without fail. For that I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve as a missionary and be a witness of our loving and merciful God and His Son , Jesus Christ.
This weekend we had a chance to watch General Conference! It is where the Prophet and Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints give talks on issues of today and how we can over come them through faith and obedience to all God has commanded us to do! Go to and look at all the wonderful messages for our benefit!
Pictures from the week. The boxing pictures I meant to send last week, Elder Judd and I getting ready for Halloween coming up, and a quick picture of beautiful California sunset!
Till next week,
Elder Austin Morgan




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