Lassos, Balut, and New Families! (Week 15)

(Still playing catch-up on Austin’s blog, my apologies. Still have two more to posts so you will see them the next few days)

Hello from California!!

Some funny things that happened this week! Elder Judd found a lasso in one of the cars of the other missionaries and decided to try and wrap up Elder Allen. Elder Allen has the personality of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and Elder Judd is like a ball of fiery energy. It’s a sight to see.

One of the missionaries in my apartment and I got some balut from a Filipino member in our ward! We got 4 eggs but the other elders wouldn’t touch it….

I want to talk about the two families Elder Allen and I are teaching. We tracked into two families here in Westlake Village about 5 weeks ago with Elder Judd (my last companion). It has taken many weeks of prayer, faith and diligence in trying to get these families to meet with us! We finally got the chance to teach them.

One of them is Jewish and the other goes to a church called Calvary Community. Both had no real idea of what the Book of Mormon was or the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We were able to start reading the Book of Mormon with them and they both had pinnacle moments where they accepted the idea that our message could be true. As they have read and prayed as a family, they have felt the hand of God in their life more! There is a converting power of the gospel of Jesus Christ that only comes through His word, both the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

I testify of the truth that missionaries and members around the world share on a daily basis. The possibility for a greater happiness and identity await all in this one true gospel. Come and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Have a great week everyone! Sorry its a short email!

Much love.
Elder Austin Morgan


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