LightTheWorld, Cow Feet and more of Jeanne Bryce (Week 24)

(Sorry a week behind on this one… -Doug)

Hello from California!

This week has really flown by and had a lot of great “baby” miracles happen! We also try and focus on the small miracles so when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Scarlet Jablonowski is a 10 year old investigator that will be baptized on the 22nd of January!! Elder Kelly and I have been teaching their family all transfer long. They were inactive for many years and had a few children that haven’t been baptized yet. In addition, they haven’t been sealed in the temple yet. We are excited for their family because they are opening up and feeling the spirit in their home again. The entire family doesn’t attend together yet but we know that the Lord can and will do miracles!

This email will be about explaining the pictures of the week!

Picture 1- This is a GIANT pass along card that was printed for us during the #LightTheWorld Christmas initiative. We were able to take it home after Christmas and on the way into the apartment we went up and offered it to someone to have! They were kind of confused while we held this giant poster board but it started a really great conversation about missionary work and families! Just shows sometimes you have to think outside the box to talk to new people!

2 and 3- We had dinner at a member home, the Harwards. They are actually thinking about to Oklahoma in 2018 for a job opportunity and I might have made a great sales pitch to help them out! They served their missions in Paraguay and have some pretty fun souvenirs from it. The best one in Elder Kelly and I’s opinion was this cow hoof cup! It is a real cow hoof and comes with a pure silver straw. The cup that is inside the hoof is wood and isn’t very big. We took turns drinking some Mexican Coke-Cola out of it and of course took the chance to take picture evidence!

4- Jeanne Bryce, she is our 94 year old investigator that we found in a very unique way! (I have mentioned her before) We were talking through a senior living community to offer service when a physical trainer from Simi Valley came up to us and gave us his business card. He said to give him a call because he has a friend that might want to talk to us!

Long story short. We went over to talk to her and shared some testimonies of forever families! She has been to church 3 times in the past 4 weeks and feels like we really do have the truth! She was a little late the sacrament meeting and when she came in they were passing the water and it was very quiet. She forgot about the reverent time of the meeting and was almost yelling as she walked into the chapel. She was yelling (on accident) to someone that was sitting in the back row, “Well I was late but at least I’m here now!” She continued, “Where are my missionary boys?? I want to sit by them!”

We shot up and greeted and kindly shushed her and reminded her of the sacrament time and she got really quiet and started praying on the spot for forgiveness! She was happy to be at church so we took a picture with her in a class!

I know that this gospel has the ability to bring us closest to Christ and our Heavenly Father! We can all be so blessed when we open our mouth in boldness and proclaim the truth that we KNOW. I challenge each one of us to pray for the opportunity to share the gospel this mouth and realize that now is the time because we adore Christ!

Till next week! We have transfer calls this Saturday and I will let everyone know if I am going or staying!

  1. Boomer Sooner! Heard of the win against Auburn!

Elder Austin Morgan
2455 Vista Wood Cir
Apt #17
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362






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