The Hardest Thing I Love to Do & Pics. (Week 2)

Hey y’all!
I honestly cannot believe that the second full week is already done! There is a funny phrase here in the MTC that says, “The days feel likes weeks and the weeks feel like days.” I promise that this place has a time warping machine somewhere because that statement is so true.
We got our travel information for our training departure on August 1st! They want us to report for departure at 4:20 AM… but that way we get to fly into Santa Barbara at a decent hour and see the area for a little while. I can not wait for the 75 degree weather and low humidity, haha. I will be traveling with 22 other missionaries going to my same mission! I have meet a couple of them here at the MTC but cant wait to meet some of the people I will be working beside for 2 years!
Nashville Tribute Band came for our Sunday devotional! A couple of the songs they sang had the missionary choir in it! Even though I can’t sing that well, I joined the choir of 1,400 members!! We sang praise of Christ and how when we follow His example, we are able to feel the perfect love of God. It was such a great experience and a unique one for the MTC! The subject of this email is one of their lyrics. They talked about how our missions might be hard, we will be able to look back after know that we loved every second of it. Waking up at 6:30 AM. Focusing on others the entire day until we go to bed at 10:30 PM. We go on missions, not for our sake or growth, but rather to help others find a lifestyle of joy through following Christs example.
This week we dove into growing our personal faith in Jesus Christ. After focusing on this topic I re-learned a couple of really profound things. The main I want to discuss is that God knows us personally and loves so beyond our ability to comprehend. He wants us to be happy in this life and has provided a way to obtain true happiness. That plan is outlined by following His commandments and covenants (aka promises) we can make with Him. Some examples are continual prayer, baptism, attending church regularly and partaking of the sacrament. The sacrament is a symbolic renewal of the baptismal covenants we made in the name of Jesus Christ. There are many more listened in the Bible and the Book of Mormon! If we follow these commandments we are able to feel God’s love through blessings.
Blessings can include but aren’t limited to having a more full joy, living happily with our families, receiving direction to important decisions, having hope that the future is full of experiences that can help us become a better person! In order to obtain these blessings we must have faith and work for them. James 2: 17 states that faith without works is dead. From the Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 25:23 states that we are to “labor diligently” in order for the grace of Christ to be effective.
As a missionary, we invite people to act so that their faith is not dead! Action provides an opportunity for people to learn for themselves that God exists and loves them. Provides a way for them to understand that diligently following Christ and the commandments of God can bring true happiness. I invite all of you to look at your life now and improve in one way in your efforts to come closer to God. Read His scriptures. Serve someone else. Attend Church. After you do so, focus on how you feel and see if you notice the influence of God in your life.
I love you all!!!! Thank you for taking a moment to read about my mission and hope your week goes well!

Elder Morgan


One thought on “The Hardest Thing I Love to Do & Pics. (Week 2)

  1. Dad

    Really proud of you son! It is good to see all is well and you are having a blast! Keep up the good work!

    49 Weeks to go and counting!


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